2-in-1 Hose for pneumatic dust extraction systems, d29/35mm, 5m long + zipped bag NTools WOP 5

Hose 2-in-1 with pneumatics, 5m long, 29mm inner dia. and 35mm outer dia., purposed for use with dust extractions systems NTools VC 50EP and Rupes S130PL, S145EPL, KS260EPNS, S235EP.

Hose is provided with integrated air tube along with quick fit coupling and plug as well as rubber ends for plugging to pneumatic extraction systems.


NTools no.




Hose outer/inner diameter

29mm / 35mm

Air tube outer/inner diameter

7.5mm / 10mm

Quick fit coupling

series 26 DN7.2

Quick fit coupling plug

series 26 DN7.2

Air tube max. operating pressure

20 bar