2in1 reflexive insert for a shadow casting lamp NTools WR

The reflexive insert is intended as a replacement element for the NTools PDR A12 shadow casting lamp (APP no. 351881).

The NTools WR insert is divided into two sections –the line and smooth section. The first – “line” – section is intended for work on a bodywork element providing horizontal lines (depending on the lamp’s positioning). The second – „smooth” – section provides shading of the damaged location.

The NTools WR reflexive insert facilitates interpretation of a defect’s shape, making it possible to make decisions regarding the further direction of leveling unevenness.

Insert dimensions:
length: 340 mm
width: 173 mm
thickness: 2 mm

Lines dimensions:
length: 150 mm
width: 3 mm
thickness: 28 pcs


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