Automated electric dust extraction system NTools VC 50E

NTools VC 50E/EP is the latest mobile dust extraction system available as automated electrical system and automated electrical-pneumatic system. These systems ensure extraction of dusts during works related to sanding in body & paint shops and other works delivered with power or air driven tools. It finds application in furniture or construction industry during sanding milling, cutting and wet drilling (without use of paper bags).

Two operation modes are available: manual and automatic. When in automatic mode the system turns on immediately upon activation of the tool and turns off after work finish at delay of 3 to 5 sec. Power socket on the top panel provides power to any power tool with EC plug and 2000W max output. Whereas air quick fit coupling is compatible with Rectus 26/DN7.2 type air adapters.

Systems are provided with stainless steel tanks seated on plastic support provided with robust rubber casters (two rear non-steerable of 15cm dia. and two steerable top ones of 6.5cm dia.)


NTools no.


Tank capacity

50 l


1400 W (max 2000 W)

Air flow

38 l/s


20,5 kPa


78 dB A

Tube length

5 m


13,5 kg