Dual Temperature Electric Heat Gun NTools HG 2002

NTools GH 2002 that features with 1000 and 2000W power and 550 degrees maximum temperature allows efficient removal of old top coats, as well as heating of screw joints to ensure easy unscrewing etc.

It is perfect for drying of wooden elements before further treatment, soldering and other works that require heating with dry and hot air.

Additionally a special nozzle is available for heat gun also that controls hot air flow. CE Certificate confirms compatibility of heat gun with applicable European Standards.


NTools No.



I speed – 350ºC, II speed – 550ºC


I speed – 1000W, II speed – 2000W

Air flow

I speed – 300 l/min, II speed – 500 l/min

Thermal protection


Electric shock protection class



230V / 50Hz

Cable length

2 m