Electric polisher Dual Action NTools DAP 15E

NTools DAP 15E is a professional vibratory and rotational electric polisher with an optimal stroke of 15mm. The polisher is intended to polish any type of surface and remove holograms. Dual Action technology, based on off-center movement with an optimal stroke, allows effective and efficient removal of scratches and giving a high polish at one stage. It makes operation more efficient by up to 40% when compared to traditional rotational polisher.

NTools DAP 15E polisher does not require a considerable pressure when polishing, allows correcting lacquer faster and easier, and the polished element does not overheat extensively. An ergonomic structure, well-balanced machines and low noise and vibration levels guarantee comfortable work.


NTools No.



15 mm


1800-4800 RPM


900 W


2,6 kg

Feeder cable length

4 m

Speed adjustment


Soft start


Working disk with Velcro diameter

125 mm

Max size of polishing sponge

150 mm

Machine length

39 cm