Rotary transport wheel without brake NTools TPR Caster

NTools TPR Caster and TPR Caster B is a rotary transport wheel-set mounted using M10 screw. The use of two ball bearings (radial and thrust) and a robust steel frame enable free rotation of the wheel and manoeuvring without using extra force. Consequently, this improves directional stability of the set.

A rubber lining of wheels, i.e. tread, is made of TPR material – thermoplastic rubber. The material reduces any noise generated during rolling to a minimum while leaving no traces on the surface. NTools TPR Caster B is additionally equipped with a brake used to immobilize the wheel from moving freely.

– two ball bearings: radial and thrust
– rubber TPR tread
– large wheel diameter
– leaves no traces on the surface
– robust housing
– high load capacity: up to 110 kg


NTools no.


Wheel diameter

125 mm

Tread width

27 mm

Height of the set

154 mm

Overall width

40 mm

Mounting hole diameter

10,5 mm

Wheel mounting

using M10 nuts and bolts

Bearing type

1 piece of thrust ball bearing and 1 piece of radial ball bearing

Maximum load

110 kg