Spray Gun NTools FX2 PLUS HPS

NTools FX2 PLUS HPS spray gun relates to the latest and improved NTools FX1 PLUS HPS. Spray gun implements patented HPS technology that ensures perfect atomisation and high transfer efficiency.

– New heads that provides better atomisation;
– Improved needle sealing- adjustment and replacement is possible by the user;
– Improved body ergonomics and pressure regulator design;
– New improved plastic cup of ergonomic design. Best value for money.

Available with 1.3, 1.7 and 1.9 nozzle purposed for application of top coats, primers and base coats.

– Automotive industry;
– Repair shops;
– Boatbuilding;
– Woodworking shops;
– Manufacturing plants.


NTools no.

160603 (d1,3), 160607 (d1,7), 160609 (d1,9)



Operating pressure

2,5 bar

Max pressure

6,0 bar

Air consumption

220 l/min

Jet control

1,3 – 300 mm; 1,7 – 350 mm; 1,9 – 370 mm

Net weight


Noise level

75 dB(A)

Air connector