FDS Fast Dry System 2000 Plus (2kW) with jib and Time Control

FDS Infrared Fast Dry System is fitted with high quality reflectors and quartz radiators emitting short infrared waves. Thanks to these short waves infrared radiation penetration to the base of material is possible what prevents heating air around the lamp and dried object. Radiators enable quick and cost-efficient heating of fillers, primers and top coats.

FDS 2000 Plus Fast Dry System – fitted with two lamps with ensured control and large range of adjustment as well as telescopic boom that enables drying of any car body surface. The heating module may be positioned both vertically and horizontally. Time is controlled with an electronic control panel.

NTools No.



FDS 2000 Plus


Single phase 220 V, 50/60 Hz

Input power

2 x 1000W

Dried Surface

1200 mm x 1000 mm


35-80 C degrees

Time control

from 0 to 60 min

Power control

od 10 do 100 (%)