Radiator (3.3 kW) with time and temperature adjustment on telescopic arm NTools FDS 3300

Radiator NTools FDS 3300 has three independent segments with single filaments of power of 1100 W each. The telescopic arm allows for drying most surfaces of the vehicles. The heating module may be positioned horizontally or vertically. Moreover the single segment angle may be adjusted, allowing for drying e.g. bonnet and mudguard at the same time.

Advantages of NTools FDS radiators:
– high quality of dried surface
– immediate activation: full power in a few seconds from switching on
– no by-products and contaminants emitted by lamps
– the lamp is resistant to heat shocks due to quartz bulb
– more than 85% of consumed energy is converted into infrared heat radiation
– possibility of the luminous flux power adjustment: the infrared lamps may be precisely adjusted (from 35% to 100%)
– high durability of filaments – lamp operational life up to 2500h


NTools no.


Power supply

Single phase 220 V, 50/60 Hz

Consumed power

3 x 1100W


35 – 80 C

Dried area

1200 x 1000 mm

Time setting

electronic, from 1 to 99 min

Light power adjustment

from 35 to 100 (%)