Spray gun NTools SG 1002

The NTools SG 1002 and SG 828 spray guns due to their nozzle operation parameters and moderate compressed air requirement are intended for many functions in manufacturing and service applications.

Intended for spray application of:
– bases and primers,
– acrylic and polyurethane paint,
– colorless lacquers,
– water soluble and organic base lacquers.

Package content:
– gun body, set.,
– header tank, 600 ml,
– paint filter,
– key,
– brush,
– operating manual.


NTools No.

161914 (d1,4 mm), 161917 (d1,7 mm)



Paint transfer

> 65%

Nozzle diameter

1,4 mm and 1,7 mm

Nozzle and needle material

stainless steel

Max. operating pressure

10 bar

Operating pressure

3 bar

Air consumption

350 l/min

Recommended distance from the painted object

15-20 cm

Air connection


Paint container connection

M 16×1,5 mm


515 g