Pneumatic Cleaning Gun NTools CG 1000

Specialized gun for wet cleaning of all kinds of dirt on the body and inside a car. The gun, thanks to specially shaped nozzle, with a rotating core, under the influence of compressed air, produces mist which we clean all parts with.

NTools CG 1000 is highly efficient, uses minimal amounts of water and cleaning agents. It is so effective that it is not necessary to use any aggressive agents, harmful to the environment and health.

NTools CG 1000 reaches all places hard to reach, gaps, where a regular sponge, cloth, brush or brush will not work.

NTools No.


Core revolutions

3600 rev./min

Air consumption

190-200 l/min

Supply optimum pressure

8 bar

Container capacity

1 l


300 x 240 x 130 mm

Supply inlet thread


Net weight

1,15 kg