Set Pneumatic Sanders NTools RS 150

They are designed for continuous operation in industry and trade. They combine high power, high efficiency of sanding with low weight. Sanders can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Set includes:
RS 15025 – 2.5 mm pitch is ideal for finishing. Small pitch combined with high RPM gives the best quality of surface finish sanding. Proposed sandpaper gradations from P320 to P3000.

RS 15050 – 5.0 mm pitch is ideal for fine sanding, so as to prepare the substrate for the painting work. The proposed gradation is from P180 to P400.

RS 15080 – 8.0 mm pitch allows for a significant reduction in working hours. Aggressive movement of the disk is ideal for rough sanding and fast removal of material. The proposed gradation is from P60 to P180.

– Oil PNT 30 (3 pcs.)
– Wrench (3 pcs.)
– Union (3 pcs.)
– Case (1 pc.)

NTools No.