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NTools - Proven in action

It’s more than just a slogan.

Before introducing into the offer each tool has gone through many hours of trials to test the strength and precise operation in the toughest conditions.

Our goal was to create devices meeting the highest quality expectations, taking into account costs of their purchase to carry out professional body and paint repairs.

NTools offer is a range of over 100 pieces of specialized equipment for professionals, accurately selected and tested by experts. All meet the highest standards. They are perfect in the hands of professionals.


NTools tools have been created for continuous operation in most demanding conditions. All are covered by regular EU Warranty.


NTools tools have all certificates and approvals required by the Community law allowing the sale to the whole European Union.


To our customers we offer our own service of NTools machines and equipment. No need to waste time for painstaking search for service and sending the products – everything can be arranged directly with the customer advisor.