Pneumatic Cleaning Gun NTools TG 1000

Special equipment for cleaning all kinds of pollution, both outside and inside the vehicles.

TG 1000 has a specially shaped nozzle with aluminium core rotating inside. Under the influence of compressed air the gun produces a mist, which is then applied to the cleaned items. Adjusting the amount of the formulation allows full control of the dispensed amount.

NTools TG 1000 consumes minimal amounts of cleaning agents and moisturizes the cleaned element slightly accelerating drying.

NTools TG 1000 are ideal for cleaning of:
– vehicle body
– engine compartment
– car wheel rims
– air outlets
– plastic components
– seats, upholstery, carpets, headliners and all kinds of places hard to reach

NTools No.


Core revolutions

3600 rev./min

Air consumption

260 l/min

Supply optimum pressure

8 bar

Container capacity

1 l

Supply inlet thread



340 x 240 x 130 mm


1,3 kg